about us

Our Company is the market leader in the area providing a professional animation and animations production service. We create music videos for kids from scratch – texts, music, character designs, backgrounds, animation and composition. We work for others as well – you can order storyboards, illustration, commercial spot or any kind of animation you can imagine.

Dreamwolf Studio has creative and powerful team with many ideas. If you don’t know how to show your product or how to use a story which you have devised, we can propose you some concepts for your project . We ensure the highest quality of services in this area and a satisfactory co-operation.

Over the years, our Company have acquired experience on the animation market to gain a trust of all shapes and sizes of businesses and private person. We are here for you and we want to help you to realize your thought. 


why choose us


Market knowledge

Due to our long term experience on the animation market we know which productions can bring you profit and how to drift gain a wide audience. We would also like to share our experience with you and help you enter the animation market.



We co-operate with many small and big companies. We have established business network with corporate and private clients for years. That’s why we know what is important for various shape business.


Experienced staff

Our professional team has made animations for a long time. We work with talented people who take all challenge seriously but at the same time they are creative. We have invested in the staff and a technology for the best quality of Dreamwolf services and your comfort.

Our advantages

We have worked really hard for our position on the market. You can trust us and our team. All projects which you would like to realize with dreamwolf studio will be a priority for our animators and illustrators. A grate passion for art and new technology is the power of our company. We can take your project wherever you want it to go!.